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icon commissions


Hello, everyone! I am opening [community profile] shooped up to icon commissions. The pricing will be 1 icon = 1 dreamwidth point for all mediums! To commission, all I ask is that you create a zip of the images you want made into icons and send that zip to me! I will always aim to have your commission back within a week and will update you if anything delays this process.

Once the icons are complete, I will contact you with the number of icons and request that you send the dreamwidth points to my account ([personal profile] semantics). On receiving the points, I will send you a zip of your icons. Should you have any issues with any icons received and like them to be redone, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.

NOTE: If you wish for anything to be made into a gif icon, please clarify this in the comment box below and clearly delineate which images are to be made into a gif. The less confusion, the faster you can get your icons!


live action

video game

animated series

gif icons

fanart/comics/things I didn't think to list/etc


manga colouring

request form