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I realized that the code I made for RS has been floating around in more or less the same form as when I made it half a decade (???) ago, so I decided to update it!

⌲ Categories reorganized!
⌲ Coding cleaned up!
⌲ Permissions request section added!

Live preview & code under the cut! )

Dump #23

Jul. 16th, 2014 02:07 pm
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Alexander Vlahos in:
38 x Button Eyes
3 x Bringing Books to Life
43 x The Indian Doctor
3 x Truth or Die
7 x Misc (Privates, photoshoots, theatre, etc)
The Indian Doctor and Truth or Die icons are so old and I want to remake them really badly.

if you're a stranger to your soul I'll bring you to your birthright )

DUMP #22

Aug. 1st, 2013 03:27 pm
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47 x Durarara!!
Anri, Izaya, Kasuka, Shizuo, Vorona, Namie, Chikage, Shinra, ShinraCelty, IzayaShinra, ShizuoCelty, ShizuoVorona, IzayaCelty, IzayaAnri, IzayaVorona, MairuKururiAoba, IzayaNamie, ShizuoTomVorona, ShizuoTom, AnriKidaMikado, ShizuoIzayaSimon

62 x Baccano!
Carol, Christopher, Claire, Esperanza, Firo, Graham, Huey, Monica, Rail, Ricardo, Fermet, Adelle, Chi, Liza, Mark, Nile, Ennis, Czeslaw, the Poet, Illness, RailChristopher, ChristopherPoet, RailChristopherPoet, ChristopherHuey, LizaChane, ChristopherRailRicardo, HueyMonica, EnnisFiro, JacuzziNice, ClaudiaCharon, LaddGraham, ChristopherRicardo, GrahamShaft

52 x Vamp!
Bridgestone, Caldimir, Dorothy, Ferret, Ishibashi, Mihail, Relic, Selim, Shizune, Pirie, Theresia, Theodosius, DorothyGerhardt, BridgestoneIshibashi, MihailFerret, HildaRelic

3 x Narita Crossovers
IzayaShizuoGrahamChristopher, IzayaBride, CharonKasukaRuriClaudia

Plurk x 7 [Vorona, VoronaIzaya, ChristopherPoetRail, Christopher, ChristopherRicardo, IshibashiBridgestone, DorothyGerhardt]

I love Narita and hate trying to keep track of his characters for these posts

valkyrie, don't go home, it's not right, not right  )

DUMP #21

Jul. 28th, 2013 09:02 pm
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68 x Tales of the Abyss
Solo [1 - 53] Anise, Dist, Guy, Ion, Jade, Luke, Asch, Marybelle, Mieu, Natalia, Nebilim, Nephry, Peony, Sync, Tear
Group [54 - 68] JadeLuke, JadeNebilim, LukeGuy, LukeTear, AniseNatalia, NataliaAsch, AniseIon, JadeDistNephry, PeonyJadeDist, NataliaGuy, LukeAsch, JadePeony

71 x Tales of Graces
Solo [1 - 38] Asbel, Cheria, Malik, Pascal, Richard, Sophie, Victoria, Lambda, Fourier, Poisson
Group [39 - 71] SophieCheriaAsbelRichard, SophieLambda, SophieCheria, SophieCheriaAsbel, AstonKerriHubertAsbel, SophieAsbelRichard, PascalRichard, AsbelPascalRichard, HubertCheria, HubertCheriaPascalRichardMalikSophieAsbel, RichardAsbelHubert, RichardAsbel, AsbelSophie, AsbelCheria, RichardSophie

33 x Tales of Symphonia
Solo [1 - 25] Sheena, Genis, Mithos, Colette, Lloyd, Zelos
Group [26 - 33] ColetteLloyd, ZelosColetteLloyd, ZelosLloyd, ColetteZelos

34 x Tales of Vesperia
Solo [1 - 23] Gauche, Droit, Judith, Rita, Duke, Estelle, Flynn, Karol, Repede, Yuri
Group [24 - 34]
EstellePatty, KarolYuri, EstelleRita, EstelleYuri, PattyRaven, YuriFlynn, YuriRepede

75 x Tales of Xillia
Solo [1 - 41] Milla, Jude, Alvin, Rowan, Gaius, Leia
Group [42 - 75] MillaJude, MillaAlvin, MillaJudeAlvin, AlvinElise, AlvinJude, GaiusWingul, RowanLeia, RowanAlvin, AlvinLeia

24 x Other Tales
Legendia & Rebirth [1 - 17] Shirley, Norma, Jay, Fenimore, Senel, JayNormaMoses, FenimoreWalter, NormaGrune, ClaireVeigue
Tales Crossovers [18 - 24] AgriaEmeraude, CheriaYuri, EstelleColetteSophie

20 x Plurk [Jade, JadeNephryDist, LukeAsch, AsbelCheriaSophie, Asbel, HubertCheriaPascalRichardMalikSophieAsbel, RichardHubertAsbel, AsbelCheriaSophieRichard, Jay, NormaJayMoses, FenimoreWalter, Shirley, VeigueClaire, Lloyd, Colette, MillaJudeAlvin, Milla, EstelleColetteSophie]

iiit's another Tales dump

even so, we continue to move ahead because we still have a heart left inside of us that wants to believe in something )

DUMP #20

Jul. 28th, 2013 05:32 am
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163 x Kagerou Project
Mary [1 - 19]
Kido [20 - 37]
Seto [38 - 54]
Ene/Takane [55 - 69]
Konoha/Haruka [70 - 84]
Ayano [85 - 96]
Momo [97 - 106]
Kano [107 - 115]
Shintaro [116 - 122]
Others [123 - 132] Hiyori, Hibiya, Azami
Group [133 - 163] KidoKano, KidoSeto, MarySeto, HibiyaHiyori, HibiyaMomo, EneKonoha, TakaneHaruka, KanoShintaro, KidoShintaro, AyanoKidoKanoSeto, KidoKanoSeto, KidoKonoha, MomoKido, ShintaroKonoha, MomoSeto

Plurk x 4 [Azami, Shintaro, Ayano, Mary]

and that's that

there wasn't even one thing I wasn't able to solve )

DUMP #19

May. 26th, 2013 06:30 pm
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307 x Tales of Graces
Asbel [1 - 68]
Sophie [69 - 124]
Richard [125 - 164]
Cheria [165 - 201]
Hubert [202 - 226]
Pascal [227 - 252]
Malik [253 - 268]
Group [269 - 307] SophieAsbelRichard, SophieRichard, SophieAsbel, RichardAsbel, SophieCheriaAsbel, AsbelCheria, SophieCheria, HubertPascal, PascalFourier, MalikHubert, HubertAsbel, HubertMalikAsbelCheria, MalikKurt, MalikCheriaAsbelHubertPascal, PoissonPascalFourier
1 x Plurk [SophieAsbelRichard]

Barona and Lhant: the only places on Ephinea or Fodra where the lighting is normal.

I want to understand this world better, to become stronger as a person. )

DUMP #18

May. 21st, 2013 06:09 pm
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301 x Kagerou Project
Kano [1 - 31]
Shintaro [32 - 60]
Kido [61 - 83]
Seto [84 - 104]
Mary [105 - 118]
Ayano [119 - 133]
Konoha/Haruka [134 - 147]
Takane/Ene [148 - 157]
Others [158 - 182] Hibiya, Hiyori, Azami, Momo, Shion, Kenjirou
Groups and Pairs [183 - 301] KidoKano, KidoSeto, SetoMary, SetoMaryKano, KidoKanoSeto, KidoKanoSetoAyano, SetoAyano, KanoAyano, KidoAyano, TakaneHaruka, EneKonoha, AyanoShintaro, EneShintaro, KanoShintaro, KidoShintaro, ShintaroMary, ShintaroSeto, ShintaroMomo, ShintaroKonoha, ShintaroKonohaEne, ShintaroHibiyaHiyori, HibiyaAzamiKonoha, ShintaroHibiya, KanoHibiyaHiyori, HibiyaHiyori, AyanoHibiya, MomoKido, MomoMary, MaryShion, EneKido

Plurk x 10 [Kido, Konoha/Haruka, Azami, Takane, ShintaroAyano, Mary, Ayano, KidoKanoSeto, KidoKanoSetoAyano]

too many icons help

It's very unfortunate that I have to say this, but the world is going to end today )

DUMP #17

May. 17th, 2013 01:23 am
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74 x Baccano!
1700s [1 - 16] Monica, Huey, MonicaHuey, Victor, Maiza, Czeslaw, Ronnie, CzeslawNile
1930s [17 - 71] Christopher, Sickle, Rail, Chi, the Poet, AdelleTim, ChristopherRailRicardo, ChristopherRicardo, Ricardo, Hilton, Shaft, ShaftHilton, Graham, GrahamShaft, Maria, Tick, TickMaria, TickEve, Eve, Firo, LaddLua
2000s [72 - 74] Illness, Claudia

5 x Plurk [Maria, Sickle, ShaftHilton, Christopher, Monica]

Still don't know how to organize Baccano icons. Beginning to give up hope.

You don't want your stitches sewn 'cause then you'll have the big unknown )

DUMP #16

May. 16th, 2013 07:14 pm
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225 x Tales of Graces
Richard [1 - 102]
Asbel [103 - 139]
Sophie [140 - 155]
Pascal [156 - 169]
Hubert, Cheria, Malik [170 - 189]
Others [190 - 202] Victoria, Cedric, Dalen, Kurt
Groups and Pairs [203 - 225] SophieAsbelRichard, AsbelRichard, PascalSophie, HubertAsbel, RichardDalen, RichardCedric
So I figured out how to get screencaps and, uh. Character bias? I'm sorry.
If anyone has any particular scene + character they'd like icon, I'd be happy to oblige!

I wish that two hearts could be one )

DUMP #15

May. 7th, 2013 10:15 pm
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274 x Tales of Graces
Richard [1 - 50]
Malik [51 - 85]
Sophie [86 - 115]
Asbel [116 - 147]
Hubert [148 - 175]
Pascal [176 - 192]
Cheria [193 - 207]
Other [208 - 214] Lambda, Kurt, Lorelia
Group [215 - 274] HubertPascal, SophieRichard, RichardAsbel, SophieAsbel, SophieRichardAsbel, AsbelCheria, CheriaSophie, CheriaSophieAsbel, PascalSophie, SophiePascalCheria, HubertMalik, MalikPascal, LambdaAsbel, RichardLambda, SophieMalikPascal, SophieHubert, HubertKerri, SophieCheriaAsbelRichardPascalCedric

4 x Plurk [Richard, Sophie, RichardSophieAsbel, CheriaSophieAsbel]

I did it. I found the Malik to icon. I won.

Love the only alchemy, love the killer of despair )

DUMP #14

May. 4th, 2013 04:27 am
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241 x Tales of Graces
Richard [1 - 70]
Sophie [71 - 113]
Asbel [114 - 140]
Pascal [141 - 153]
Cheria [154 - 164]
Hubert [165 - 174]
Others [175 - 181] Malik, Lambda, Kurt
Group [182 - 241] SophieRichardAsbel, RichardAsbel, SophieRichard, AsbelSophie, HubertSophie, Child Arc Group, SophieCheria, CheriaAsbelHubert, AsbelHubert, RichardLambdaAsbelSophie, CheriaSophiePascal, KurtMalik, SophiePascalRichard, PascalHubert, LambdaRichard, CheriaAsbel, CheriaAsbelSophie

18 x Plurk [SophieRichardAsbel, Hubert, Child Arc Group, Asbel, Richard, Sophie, HubertCheriaAsbel, LambdaRichardHubertAsbel, CheriaSophiePascal, RichardSophie]

Personal goal: find more Malik stuff to icon

I want to protect everything )

DUMP #13

Apr. 30th, 2013 08:33 pm
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107 Bookmark of Demise
A-ya [1 - 28]
B-ko [29 - 42]
C-ta [43 - 71]
D-ne [72 - 85]
Groups/Pairs [86 - 107] A-ya&B-ko, A-ya&C-ta, B-ko&D-ne, C-ta&D-ne, A-ya&B-ko&C-ta&D-ne

4 x Plurk icons [A-ya&B-ko&C-ta&D-ne, A-ya&C-ta]

but why does this series make me so sad

a boy who couldn’t become the protagonist )

DUMP #12

Apr. 30th, 2013 07:24 pm
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200 x Kagerou Project
Kido [1 - 34]
Ayano [35 - 60]
Kano [61 - 76]
Seto [77 - 92] (...Haruki and Shin snuck in)
Other [93 - 149] Mary, Azami, Momo, Ene, Konoha, Shintaro, Hibiya, Hiyori, Takane, Shion
Groups/Pairs [150 - 200] KidoKano, ShintaroAyano, MarySeto, AyanoKidoKanoSeto, KonohaKidoKano, ShionMary, AzamiMary, MaryKonoha, HibiyaHiyori, AzamiHiyori, MomoHibiya, ShintaroMary, KidoAyano, SetoKano, Tateyama family, KonohaEne, AzamiKonoha

8 x Plurk [Ayano, Mary, Azami, Ene, AyanoKidoKanoSeto]

I live in an endless Kagerou loop.

Red is the colour of the hero )

DUMP #12

Apr. 16th, 2013 08:33 pm
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112 x Tales of the Abyss
Peony [1 - 35]
Jade [36 - 56]
Others [57 - 93] Luke, Natalia, Guy, Asch, Tear, Ion, Nebilim, Sync, Anise, Dist, the Tartarus
Group/Pair [94 - 112] JadePeony, PeonyGuy, GuyLuke, GuyJade, IonArietta, AschNatalia, GuyMary, JadeNebilim, JadeAnise, LukeGuyTear, DistJadePeony

54 x Tales of Symphonia
Zelos [1 - 26] (aaand one ZelosColette slipped in here—I need to work out how to neatly reshuffle after upload)
Others [27 - 42] Colette, Sheena, Lloyd, Mithos, Seles
Group/Pair [43 - 54] LloydColette, MithosMartel, ColetteZelos, SelesSheena, SelesZelos, SheenaZelos, KratosColette, LloydZelosColette, Party

37 x Tales of Vesperia
Solo [1 - 21] Yuri, Raven, Flynn, Duke, Sodia, Patty, Judith
Group [22 - 37] EstelleYuri, FlynnYuri, PattyYuri, RepedeYuri, JudithRaven, KarolYuri, RitaYuri, RavenKarol, RavenKarolYuri, KarolRavenRita

2 x Plurk [Symphonia Party, Yuri]

Time for a bunch of Tales of icons that have been building up.

I made you and now I take you back )

DUMP #11

Apr. 11th, 2013 04:30 pm
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226 x Kagerou Project
Ayano [1 - 21]
Azami [22 - 45]
Kano [46 - 72]
Kido [73 - 93]
Seto [94 - 119]
Shintaro [120 - 140] (oh no a Mary icon slipped in can't recode adsgad code find the hiding Mary icon!)
Ene, Konoha, Mary, Momo, Shion [141 - 161]
Group/Pairs [162 - 226] KidoKano, KanoSeto, KidoSeto, KidoSetoKano, MomoShintaro, MarySeto, AyanoShintaro, EneShintaro, ShintaroSeto, MaryKidoMomo, KidoShintaroKano, MomoKanoKido, HibiyaHiyori, MomoMary, MaryShintaro, MomoSeto, ShintaroKido

17 x Plurk [Ayano, Kido, Kano, Seto, Shintaro, KidoKanoSeto, AyanoShintaro, MomoSeto, Azami]

so I had a lot of kagerou in that fanart folder uhhh BUT HEY imgur is working again!

I don't want to forgive you, but even now I still love you )

Dump #10

Mar. 9th, 2013 12:37 am
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54 x Kagerou Project [Kido, Kano, Seto, Mary, Azami, Ayano
Group: Seto&Mary, Seto&Kido&Kano, Kido&Kano, Kano&Shintaro, Ayano&Shintaro]

111 x Baccano! [Denkuro, Sylvie, Elmer, Huey, Nile, Renee, Ronnie, Victor, Monica, Lua, Tim, Dallas, Firo, Ennis, Jacuzzi, Rachel, Maria, Ladd, Isaac, Miria, Graham, Claire, Chane, Sickle, Christopher, Rail, Ricardo, Chi, Adele, Liza, Shaft, Illness
Group: Graham&Sickle, Chris&Rail&Ricardo, Chris&Sickle&Graham, Chris&Ricardo, Chris&Rail, Graham&Shaft, Sham&Hilton, Chris&Chi, Tick&Tim, Lua&Ladd, Huey&Monica, Graham&Ladd, Dallas&Chris, Isaac&Miria]

12 x Plurk [Kido, Kido&Kano&Seto, Kido&Kano, Graham, Sickle, Chris, Chris&Rail, Lamia, Chris&Ricardo, Monica]

Oh god I hate using Photobucket. Imgur, please start being functional again.

Let's let this world know we were here )


Sep. 28th, 2012 11:03 pm
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39 x Baccano [Christopher, Frank, Liza, Rail, Ricardo, Sickle, Claire, Charon, Claudia, Chane, Monica, Czeslaw, Huey, Ronnie, Victor, Carol, Graham, Ladd, Illness, Chris&Ricardo, Aging&Luchino, Chane&Claire, Shaft&Ricardo, Sickle&The Poet, Nice&Jacuzzi]
39 x Umineko no Naku Koro ni [Beatrice, Yasu, Erika, Will, Dlanor, Ange, Eva, Jessica, Kyrie, Lion, Lion&Will, Kyrie&Rudolf, Erika&Amakusa, Battler&Beatrice, Erika&Dlanor, Battler&Ange, Jessica&Kanon, Jessica&Lion]
8 x Plurk [Christopher, Chane, Ronnie, Christopher&Ricardo]

There will be a day I figure out how to organize Baccano icons. This is not it.

it's only gonna take a little time )


Sep. 5th, 2012 03:09 am
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64 x Tales of Vesperia [Yuri, Raven, Patty, Flynn, Judith, Karol, Estelle, Rita, Repede, Alexei, Yaegar, Gauche, Droite, Alexei, Groups/Pairs]
30 x Umineko no Naku Koro ni [Lion, Erika, Will, Eva, Kyrie, Natsuhi, Rosa, Bernkastel, Mammon, Beatrice, Groups/Pairs]
1 x Rose Guns Days [Leo/Rose]
7 x Plurk [Patty, Judith, Duke, Raven, Yuri/Flynn, Battler/Beatrice, Leo/Rose]

There are more seacats to come.

baby there's a shark in the water )

Dump #7

Aug. 23rd, 2012 03:45 pm
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129 x Baccano! [Monica, Huey, Elmer, Maiza, Ronnie, Firo, Czeslaw, Fermet, Victor, Denkuro, Nile, Zank, Sylvie, Beg, Nikki, Carla, Rail, Christopher, Adele, Shaft, Ricardo, Claudia, Groups/Pairs]
3 x Plurk [Monica, Huey, Charon, Claudia, Illness]

Probably my last big Baccano! dump for a while. I just really like all the characters in this series

show them all you're not the ordinary kind )


Aug. 23rd, 2012 03:43 am
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87 x Kagerou Project [Mary, Kido, Groups/Pairs]

And now to have songs stuck in my head for days.

it didn't work again )


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